BSc (University of London)

(University of London International Programmes)

University of London’s 3-year undergraduate BSc programs offered at Business and Law School include BSc degrees with academic direction from the London School of Economics and Royal Holloway, which have been recognised by top multinational companies working in Pakistan. Presently, University of London graduates are working at leading local and international banks and organisations, including ABN AMRO, Standard Chartered, Faysal Bank, Meezan Bank, MCB, etc. These degrees focus on the practical application of studies, such as entrepreneurship and research.

Career options are not necessarily limited to advocacy. An LLB (Hons) or LLM graduate can also provide legal consultancy to the corporate/finance sector, multinationals, government services, international organisations such as the United Nations or World Economic Forum, development banks, etc. In addition, an LLB or LLM degree is a good combination for many students wishing to pursue an MBA degree or apply for their CSS exams.

BSc Business & Management
(with academic direction from London School of Economics)

This degree prepares you for the demanding world of business and management. It looks at business and management issues analytically and critically. The degree provides you with the knowledge and understanding of a number of issues in international management, while allowing you to learn from issues and experiences relevant to your local environment. Most importantly, you will acquire the ability to think independently about business and management decisions and gain a degree valued by employers looking for people who can demonstrate logical and quantitative reasoning.

BSc Business Administration
(with academic direction from Royal Holloway, University of London)

Business administration is a broad-based academic subject and field of study with practical implications, offering the chance to develop relevant personal and technical skills as well. The curriculum is based around a progressive ‘spine’ of mandatory courses which reflect a variety of perspectives (institutional, comparative, international, critical and strategic). The degree structures are progressive, allowing students to move from Stage 1 courses to more critical or specialist courses. A range of courses is offered to ensure that students appreciate the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of management and also gain or reinforce a range of conceptual, technical, quantitative and personal skills. Each subject is based on 40% research or written report and 60% on a 3-hour written exam, which makes it a very scoring degree.


BLS is a centre for an intellectually demanding, research-informed business education. We aim to produce accomplished, well-rounded and enquiring graduates with a rich and ethically grounded appreciation of law and business in society. We provide legal and business education in compliance with international standards.

BLS students are given practical exposure in the form of ideal working opportunities in the country’s top companies. We aspire to prepare tomorrow’s leaders through our innovative approach to teaching that integrates business theory and experiential learning.

These degrees are valuable for those aiming to establish careers in Pakistan as well as abroad. Not only do these programs ensure a good mix of theory and practice, they also help students gain and be equipped with the relevant knowledge about the real corporate world.

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