LLM Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

To sit for exams in:
1. May
2. October

Best to apply before:
30 September (previous year)
10 November (previous year)

Must enrol by:
8 February (same year)
15 April (same year)

What is the minimum requirement for admission?

Please visit and scroll down the page to view Entrance Requirements section

How long is the process of Registration/Admission with the UOL?

Once you have registered with Business and Law School and provided all the requisite information, BLS will send an application to the University of London. Registration/Admission normally takes 3 to 4 weeks after the application is received by UOL, provided that complete information has been provided to the University in accordance with the entrance requirements.

What is the immediate payment requirement?

All students must pay University of London's “Application fee” and the institute's admission and registration fees.

What will happen if I am denied an admission?

The “Application Handling Fee” for the University of London is non-refundable. However, if the University refuses a student’s application, admission fee payments (made to Business and Law School) are refundable. If a student is accepted by the University but decides not to continue with his or her LLM degree, then “Admission Fee” or “Tuition Fee” for the term is not refunded.

Is the degree recognized in Pakistan?

Yes. It is recognized by the HEC.
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