Aksom Kamal Zaheer

Aksom Kamal Zaheer is the Founder and CEO of Startup Lawnch (Pvt.) Ltd, a company that specializes in providing legal assistance and guidance to startups. Aksom works with a committed team that has transformed its expertise to provide startup-specific help and develop Startup Law in Pakistan. At present, the focus remains on Pakistan, including but not limited to, local and foreign investors, startups, entrepreneurs and incubators.

Aksom understands that no single approach is the right one for every startup, so he not only works within different areas of a business but also hand-picks his team of lawyers to provide diversity and care to clients.

Before devoting full-time work to Startup Lawnch, Aksom worked with Courting The Law and provided legal services to various clients. Aksom also writes for CourtingTheLaw.com which is Pakistan’s first legal news and analysis portal with an online following of over 300,000. He has also served as the Project Manager for Mohstaib.pk for which he has developed an algorithm for determining eligibility to file complaints with various Ombudspersons’ offices in Pakistan.

Aksom has additionally gained experience with business models and clients’ needs through his work as the Legal Head of an international project, ‘Doing Business in Oman’. His prior experiences also include training and legal case-work with Rasikh Consilium and Imtiaz, Siddiqui & Associates.