Arbitration,Mediation & Negotiation

Arbitration,Mediation and Negotiation

BLS is the first of its kind to introduce English language learning facilities under one roof including IELTS. Not only are we going to brush up on your speaking, writing and reading skills but we will also provide you with opportunities of learning and understanding business English and legal English.

Arbitration Courses: It’s no secret that courts often experience a backlog of cases because there are simply too many legal conflicts and not enough resources to effectively manage cases. Thus, in order to avoid the painstaking delays and exorbitant fee that accompany the process of obtaining a legal judgment, parties often seek recourse through less tedious means, such as “Arbitration”. This also protects the privacy of all parties.

Our Arbitration Course at Business and Law School aims to equip its students with complete knowledge and understanding of the conceptual, practical and ethical aspects surrounding arbitration, as well as the expertise needed to effectively navigate through the subject area and its implementation. The course will also offer a holistic perspective on the law of arbitration, contrasting both the local and international standards of the arbitration process, thereby providing a comparative approach to the subject as well. In short, this comprehensive arbitration syllabus offers in-depth knowledge of arbitration theory and insight into its practical issues (including how to draft arbitration awards), making it the best choice for students interested in learning more about this subject.

Courses contents/structure:

  • Domestic arbitration

  • International arbitration

  • Commercial arbitration

  • Constructive arbitration

  • Litigation

Mediation Courses: Mediation, a cost effective and privacy maintainer, is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, a third impartial and unbiased party, i.e. a mediator, assists the parties in negotiating a settlement. The mediation courses at Business and Law School will help legal professionals in learning strategies to effectively break deadlock between parties through development of essential skills pertaining to communication and maneuvering through emotionally draining interactions.

Course contents/Structure:

  • Facilitative mediation

  • Court mandated mediation

  • Evaluative mediation

  • E-mediation

  • Med-Arb

Negotiation Courses: Negotiation has been characterized as the “pre-eminent mode of dispute resolution”, it is a communicating technique whereby problems are resolved by taking account of both the parties’ interests and discuss a form of joint action that could be taken to resolve a dispute.

The negotiation course at Business and Law School aims to develop skills that a good negotiator must have, these include the skills needed to deal with differences that one party has with another. It will also help individuals to respond to difficult or deceptive conduct effectively with various tactics. The course is categorized into

  • Competitive/positional based negation and

  • Cooperative/interest-based negotiation.