Certificate in Corporate Law and Governance

Certificate in Corporate Law and Governance

This Course provides a foundation in Company Law, including a closer examination of certain key characteristics of corporations, before exploring in depth issues of corporate governance, an area in which, following various corporate scandals and crises, demand for reform has increased. The Course compares approaches to regulation in the UK, EU and USA, with students evaluating solutions in different company scenarios.

Finally the Course examines how Competition Law in the UK / Europe and in Pakistan aims to regulate corporate anti-competitive behaviours.

Indicative Content

International Corporate Governance:
  • Examining the organization; fundamental components and structures
  • Principles of corporate governance
  • Examination of corporate governance codes and their effectiveness
  • Comparative international perspective on different corporate governance systems
  • Detailed exploration of the role of Chairpersons, Chief Executives, and the Board of Directors; monitoring roles; risks
  • Exploration of the role of ‘gatekeepers’ such as security analysts and credit rating agencies
Company Law:
  • Companies and other forms of business; corporate personality
  • Structure and overview of the Company laws in the UK, USA and in Pakistan.
  • Directors’ duties in company law
  • Regulation of company administration
  • Shareholders’ rights and responsibilities; minority protection.
Competition Law:
  • Objectives of Competition Law and policy
  • Restrictive Agreements; definition of Relevant Market
  • Abuse of Dominant Position
  • Merger Control
  • International context of competition law

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of corporate governance across a range of processes and regulations, and its application in corporate practice.
  2. Research and deal with complex issues in corporate governance, both systematically and creatively, synthesising information in a manner that may include innovative solutions.
  3. Demonstrate a detailed understanding of core concepts of company law, together with an appreciation of how those concepts are implemented in practice.
  4. Critically evaluate scenarios involving restrictive agreements, abuse of market dominant position or proposed mergers in the context of UK or EU competition law
  5. Work effectively in a group or team and allocate and integrate tasks.

Fee Structure and Duration

Course fee: Rs. 75,000.00
Duration: 3 months
Benchmarked by : EU Business University