Professional Legal Training

Professional Legal Training

The Business and Law School has designed the Professional Legal Training Course to impart essential professional legal and practical skills along with training and technique in order to fill in the gaps between law school and practice.

It is a part time 2 week course and is not only designed for fresh graduates but also for experienced lawyers to brush up their skills, getting them prepared for key workplace expertise such as time management, command and communication.

This course is a pathway for lawyers to discover their capability and fits every person’s requirements making it certain that it is an experience that is personalized to suit one’s needs. The essential modules that will be taught by highly experienced professionals of the field are as follows:

English Writing

One of the most important and essential requisite’s for lawyers in the corporate and commercial world to be successful is to have proper English writing and drafting skills. This course will help in expanding one’s legal writing abilities and also help in developing communication skills.

Client Conferencing

Building long lasting and durable relationships is another pivotal skill that a lawyer needs to have not just for success but to understand what their clients want from them. Therefore dealing with clients is also a technique that a lawyer needs to have so it is easy for them to reach middle ground.

Legal Research

Legal research skills are essential for lawyers in order to facilitate and support their client’s transaction and business.These classes will help you to understand complex legal issues, and how to apply them to the facts of the case.Furthermore, legal research will constitute of several jurisdictions not just researching Pakistani law.

Company’s Book Registration

Teaching Lawyers the fundamentals of forming, registering and licensing of companies in terms of the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) rules. Also will be teaching legal compliance and governance.

Communication Skills

Communication skills include clarity, confidence, empathy, respect and having the ability to listen with an open mind to your client’s needs and finding ways to cater to them. Furthermore, building blocks of client lawyer relationship will be explored and illustrated along with negotiating tactics. Also, communication skills for teamwork legal cases will be discussed.

Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation

Arbitration and mediation are ways in which disputes are resolved out of court and therefore the skills taught will have more to do with how to conflict resolution through dialogue and for the latter reaching a middle ground. While negotiating skills are necessary in dealing with opposing parties, lawyers and clients and make a way around the problem.

Case Filing and Legal Drafting

The expertise required in this area are essential without which a lawyer cannot be termed as a professional. Therefore the best in the city will be teaching these key requisites and make sure one learns all the preconditions and skills.

Advocacy Skills and Law Mooting

Great lawyers who stand out amongst many others have a good knowledge of Court proceedings and have excellent advocacy skills. Lawyers needs to learn how to conduct themselves in courts and this course teaching you those skills. Our expert advocacy trainers will help explaining local litigation to you and will share their techniques and expertise.