Professor Barry Collins
Honorary Dean

“Welcome to the Business and Law School. The school brings together a dedicated team of experts in both business and law, many of whom have years of valuable experience as educators and practitioners. The disciplines of business and law complement each other in important ways, so studying them together allows the correlations between them to be understood. The study of business is most obviously relevant to legal subjects in the commercial field. However, economic questions affect all fields of law and this influence is important for lawyers to understand. The combination of business and legal studies enables law students to acquire useful business skills which are invaluable in professional life, as well as understand the legal dimensions of business activity. I hope that your experience at BLS will a positive and enjoyable one that enriches your personal and professional development. May it be your first step in building a satisfying and fruitful career. Looking forward to seeing you all during my visits to BLS.”

Bio and Qualifications:

  • LLB, LLM, PhD
  • External Examiner for University of London
  • Senior Lecturer at University of East London

Barry Collins has published on a range of themes relating to human rights, conflict, international law and legal theory. These have included studies of the Irish Peace Process, the role of international law in Palestine, the jurisdiction of the ECHR in conflict situations and legal responses to the Francoist legacy in Spain. He has also been a visiting lecturer in Russia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is currently the LLM programme leader at UEL, where he teaches postgraduate courses on International Law, International Criminal Law and International Human Rights.

His most recent publications include:

  • Human Rights as Acts of Faith: Universal Jurisdiction and the Law of Historical Memory in Spain, by John Strawson, Kalliopi Chainoglou, Barry Collins and Michael Phillips (eds.),
  • Injustice, Memory and Faith in Human Rights (London and New York: Routledge, 2017), 
  • Human Rights Cinema: The Act of Killing and the Act of WatchingNo Foundations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice (2017), 65-86